Aubrey Day is an award-winning British writer now based in Hollywood.  He helps companies, usually film studios, with words and creative content. He currently works at Disney. He has previously worked with Apple, the BBC and 'amoral algorithm cult' Netflix. Unusually for an LA writer, he has several screenplays in development.

Title page: Michael Caine in Pulp (Mike Hodges, 1972) 


He used to be a journalist - news, sports, then film.

(Actually, he still does a spot of journalism. Sometimes.)

His father's Indian. His mother's Irish.

He was born and raised in London.

He was the US Editor of Empire and the UK Editor-in-Chief of Total Film.

His first pet was a cat called Tubby.

He has contributed to Esquire, TIME, The Sunday Times, Variety and Time Out.

He has two children - one of each.

He has authored books, directed videos and produced TV and web series.

He's written winners' speeches on Oscar night.

He is not saying that his speeches help win Oscars (but he's not not saying that...).

He plays the guitar, badly.

His work as a film critic was used on the UK’s national curriculum for media students.

His press notes for Deadpool 2 generated their own press.

He has worked for Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Canal+.

He has two brothers and one sister.

Warren Beatty used to call him sometimes for a chat.

He's worked on Star Wars, James Bond, Star Trek and Marvel movies.

His copywriting clients include Nike, Budweiser and Coca-Cola.

He was the editor of the official Manchester United magazine.

His wife is an artist. And a formidable businesswoman.

J.J. Abrams once sent him a giant box of doughnuts.
He used to be slimmer.

He's going to make a movie. One of these days.

He's not sure why he wrote all this in the third person.

(Did he mention he's won some awards?)




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CAMPAIGNS (A few of the publicity, marketing and awards campaigns I’ve contributed to…)




  • Do You Play? An example of sponsored content, I wrote and directed this 'homage' to The Thomas Crown Affair

  • Red Sparrow From "In Conversation" - a video series I produced and directed for 20th Century Fox

  • Script Talks 'Highlights' from my on-stage interview series with Oscar-nominated writers, for The Black List

  • Rules Don't Apply My (slightly rough) edit of promo interviews I conducted for Warren Beatty's last film



"Nobody knows anything...  Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work."

William Goldman, Adventures in the Screen Trade


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