aubrey day journalist


01 TIME OUT I interviewed Leo about (among other things) whether 2016 would be the year he finally won an Oscar. Spoiler alert: it was.
02 EMPIRE Hong Kong, Detroit…I had a lot of flying (and a few flying air conditioners) to deal with for this Transformers cover story.
03 EMPIRE Had lunch at Don Johnson's for this profile. Sonny Crockett (and Nash Bridges) bought him a very nice house.
04 TOTAL FILM We invited readers to submit their Facebook profile pics to create this photo-mosaic Social Network cover.
05 EMPIRE Gatefoid cover for a special  J.J. Abrams issue. He sent me a big box of pastries afterwards as a thank you. It as so big we had doughnuts in our freezer for months.
06 TOTAL FILM I wrote this Tron Legacy cover story but it was our Art Editor Steve who came up with the cute headline.
07 SKY MOVIES George Clooney, another actor with  a very nice house. Well, actually he has several. But I was only invited to the one he’s turned into a workspace near the Warners lot.
08 TOTAL FILM One of three 'sixties style' covers we did for X-Men: First Class. I spent months between LA and London working on these but it was worth it.Magazine covers can still be exciting.
09 TOTAL FILMThis is the second one.
10 TOTAL FILM And the third. (We actually had a bunch of other options created that also looked great. But budgets yadda yadda yadda…).
11 LATER  Short-lived sequel to Loaded magazine that I briefly contributed (little) to.
12 TOTAL FILM Jennifer Aniston and I consider her career choices. (Well, more me than her to be honest).
13 SKY MOVIES Homer eats the logo. It made me happy.
14 CLASSIC ROCK One of a few music titles that I oversaw in London.
15 WEDDING DAY I edited one issue of this bridal magazine… and met my future wife.
16 TOTAL FILM Guy Ritchie art directed this photo shoot for me. Then he introduced me to his wife at a party. A singer, I believe.
17 501 MOVIE STARS  I wrote the foreword for this book. Sales surely rocketed...
18 DVD REVIEW When in doubt, Star Wars covers usually sell.
19 UNITED The team had been training in japan so I thought we'd  try a manga-style cover. I think it won some award.
20 FHM I wrote for them back in the days when Britney was still virginal. Me too, probably.
21 UNITED  I started supporting Manchester United when I was a kid. And then got to act like a kid when I edited the club magazine and hung out with the players.
22 DJ I oversaw this for a year but my musical taste remains unhip.
23 NEWS OF THE WORLD Rod Stewart, a private jet and a goose… I can't say I miss my days on the British tabloids.
24 DAILY MIRROR As a sports reporter, this was my first 'back page splash'.
25 TOTAL SPORT Anna Kournikova cover story. I’ve actually seen grown men at Wimbledon dressed up in this outfit. 
26 BANG Another music mag I briefly ran.
27 T3 I had to oversee model castings for the cover shoots. It was considerably less fun than the young, dumb me expected.

Here's a selection of covers, layouts etc. illustrating some of the features I've written plus a few of the magazines and books that I've edited, overseen, written for, launched or otherwise contributed to.