aubrey day journalist


TIME OUT, December 2015

The Last Movie Star

Leonardo DiCaprio. From Grape to Glass

GLOBAL CITIZEN, February 2017

Bombs and Baubles

Syria on film. Oscars in a time of war.


From Russia With Love

Biscuits and lemonade with Anna Kournikova 


It's All Gone Quiet Over Here

Riots and ruminations at the World Cup 


Sport's Best Soap

Access (and excess) all areas at the Italian Grand Prix 

UNITED magazine, June 2000

Vodka For Breakfast

In Barcelona with Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder

UNITED magazine, August 2000 and March 2002

The Joy Of Becks

Two conversations with David Beckham

TOTAL FILM, August 2005

Lindsay Lohan Has A Sore Throat

Meet Disney's unlikely poster girl

TOTAL FILM, April 2006 and April 2007

Treasure Chest

Johnny Depp's pissed-up pirate is after box office gold. Again.

SKY MOVIES, February 2007

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

In Carmel with restaurateur Clint Eastwood

TOTAL FILM, June 2007

Here Comes Downer Debbie

Christina Ricci evolves. Over lunch

PLAYBOY (UK), October 2007

To The Manor Porn

The public schoolboys who chose blue movies over blue chip careers

TOTAL FILM, November 2007

The Notorious Sienna Miller

Britain's infamous ingénue

TOTAL FILM, January 2008

Have You Ever Had A Bad Éclair?

In Cannes with Jerry Seinfeld

TOTAL FILM, November 2008

The Loner

Keanu Reeves reflects

TOTAL FILM, February 2009 and March 2009

Pup Art

Inside Disney Animation's revival or, The Dog That Woke Up The Mouse.

TOTAL FILM, November 2009

The Girl Who Haunted Herself

Megan Fox is scared of ghosts. And Google.

TOTAL FILM, July 2011

Bunny Tales

Reminiscing with Hugh Hefner

EMPIRE, December 2013

Hardware Update

Transformers and triads. On set with Michael Bay

EMPIRE, August 2014

Introducing Don Johnson

A new lease of life, less vice

Below are a few features and cover stories that I've written over the years. Not so much a greatest hits as simply the first dozen and a half things I found on my hard drive, but I have tried to ensure there's both some recent(ish) pieces and a few very dusty old scribblings. Click on a pic to read an article.