aubrey day journalist


​Hello. My name is Aubrey Day. I am a writer, editor, journalist, author and trained astronaut.

Over the last decade or two, I've written about entertainment, sport, technology, current affairs and other subjects I know even less about… like cars, and marriage.

I've launched and edited magazines, created websites, authored books, directed videos, produced TV and web shows, copywritten for ad agencies and been a consultant for some of the major film studios.

A few of the national newspapers, magazines and broadcasters I've contributed to include The Sunday Times, the BBC, CNN, Sports Illustrated, FHM, Playboy and Esquire. Some of the clients I've copywritten for include Coca-Cola, Nike and ITV.

I've also won a few awards and, even more bizarrely, some of my writing is now included on the national curriculum in England (which, yes, probably is a damning indictment of the education system...).

These days, I write scripts and work as a consultant for a couple of the major studios. I'm based in Los Angeles and was previously the US Editor of Empire. Before that, I was the Editor-in-Chief of Total Film and the Editorial Director of Future Publishing in London. 

I have a wife, two children and a few oft-replaced goldfish, and we all live in a house in the Hollywood Hills where I stare out the window and occasionally finish screenplays with some far more experienced (read: talented) screenwriters. I'm also prepping to direct my first film. It will be short.

I should probably point out now that I lied about the astronaut thing.